Right back to the basics, getting your company image right for you and your primary market. Complete design package from Web Site Layouts, to Office Stationary, Business Cards and Flyers.

Direct Mail

Local Builder or craftsman, do you want a logo to stand you out from the others that are in direct competition to you! Give us a call, the design and development that we will put in will set you in front of the others by far!

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the modern age flyer drop. Emails delivered direct to your customers inbox.

We can work with you and your brand to put together mailshots. From the initial design, mail chimp integration of client lists and creatives, right through to analyzing the feed back from the mailshot. Keeping an eye on the open rate and click through.


Confused about SEO (Search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click). Here at Ice Graphix we can built both SEO and PPC packages as well as providing insight to both and where there fit with in your larger more integrated marketing plan. With both improving your optimization to generate more organic web traffic to your site. And with targeted advertising campaigns and pay per click running side by side.

Social Media

Managed social media accounts, creating interesting on topic posts for your business. Integrating with marketing campaigns and analytics, tracking user movement and interactions.

Marketing Artwork

You have the printed sector sorted, what about web and social advertising? We can take care of that. From sorting out website banners and handling all your corporate social web space, advertising and keyword generation to get the extra footfall you want!